Vertecology’s Dead, Long Live Vertecology!

Well this post is a message to all my followers: a new age is dawning over here. As visioned over one year ago, Vertecology has moved to a WordPress.ORG installation. This is great news. while the site looks much the same for the moment, there are big plans that can finally begin to see the light of day. This is my formal invitation to you as a loyal follower. Please go to and click the “follow” button at the bottom right corner of your screen to continue recieving posts and updates. The wordpress.COM install that we’ve been running has been delinked from and will be closed down shortly. May we do great things together in the days, weeks, months and years ahead and thanks for all your support!

About Mark Scott Lavin

By age six, Mark was building cities that touched the ceiling of his bedroom. Since then, Mark has initiated large-scale collaborations around the culturally recombinative Burning Man festival, earned a Masters Degree from SCI-Arc and a Permaculture Design Certificate and served on the core team that wrote Los Angeles’s award winning Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. Since 2009, Mark has thrown himself into urban ecological design/build and designed, built and consulted on more than a dozen structures including bamboo structures, super-adobe structures in Haiti and several geodesic tree houses and greenhouses with one of the most innovative tree house design/build firms in the world. Through the invention studio Vertecology LLC (, Mark has been creating geodesic luminescent sculptures quickly gaining attention in the Los Angeles art scene, community scale rainwater harvesting systems, a home-scale hanging garden system that will soon go to manufacture, a line of pollinator habitats and a forthcoming line of e-books and curricula to support other makers in creating “vertical ecologies” or vertecologies of their own.

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