About Vertecology

VERTECOLOGY LLC (VERTEgreentruevertex, hubvertical + ECOLOGY) is a design and invention studio whose tendency is the conflation of ecosystem services and the mathematical, geometric and geodesic design principles that have guided luminaries such as R Buckminster Fuller.

Tetrahedron-Persp-Green 3

We invent things, bring them to market, demonstrate them, pioneer their making and plant them like seeds among the people. With the lattices, structures and systems we design, make and share, ecology can unfold in the third dimension.

Brewery LA Vertecology Hanging Garden

Our inventions are like trees and what is a tree for? Moisture, natural air-conditioning, wood to build with, wood to burn, shade for groundcovers and wayward meditators leaving palace grounds to become enlightened under, homes for birds, bats and squirrels, nutrient extraction, water cycling, life support for legions of fungi and hordes of pollinating insects, cloud formation, direction to lost travelers, poetry, fruit, mulch, seeds and more trees, stunning photos at sunset, things science and imagination will only discover in centuries to come, windbreaks for farms and houses, lower utility bills, and structure for climbing vines and a tree provides all these services at once with ease, just by being itself.  Such easy, elegant multi-function is our standard too. Welcome to the world of Vertical Ecology.

Sugar Shack Rainwater Harvesting System

Our Products and Services:

  • Hanging Gardens

  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems

  • Pollinator Habitats

  • Festival and Placemaking Installations

  • Maker Education & How To

  • Regenerative Design and Education

  • Permaculture Consultation

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