Event Structures

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Vertecology’s geodesic sphere or Geo for short is the first of a library of modular structures available for events, performances and public space creation.

As R Buckminster Fuller discovered in the 1930’s, the geodesic sphere is the strongest structural form in nature while pound for pound it needs the least material to support its load. As such it has come to symbolize the inevitable intelligence of nature and invites us to explore our human potentials as participants in the natural world.

The Vertecology Geo is supremely adaptable. This singular, iconic structure, which has been showcased at some of LA’s premiere art and music venues supports a wide array of structural, staging, lighting, spatial configurations and even ecological functions.

Some basic facts

  • The Geo is a 10-foot outside diameter frequency-2 icosahedron built with reclaimed 2×4’s that can be assembled by a 2-person team in 3 hours and dismantled in 2 hours
  • The Geo’s universal hub/connector system allows a variety of add-ons. Additional options currently include a pentagonal base and sequenced LED lighting by Lumen Nature. More will be added as time goes on.

For Booking

  • $975  / day rental (including overnight events)
  • For longer-term rental, additional options including lighting and rentals outside the Los Angeles metro area please email or call for rates.
  • Non-profits can get discount rates – please call or email to let us know what you’re up to.

Contact Mark at 818.538.6586 or markscottlavin-at-gmail-dot-com.

10% of all rental profits will support local food forestry programs and projects.

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