The Hanging Garden

Transform Any Space Into an Ecological Garden

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If you’re short on space, long on style and longing for a little organic farm of your own, this one’s for you.

Made entirely of knotted rope, rigid platforms and simple hardware, the design achieves extraordinary strength, resilience and rigidity because it’s based on one of the most stable geometric forms in the universe. It’s a beauty and a beast; push against it and it will hold rigid as a whole system. Even the very first prototypes took 200 pounds with ease and withstood 50 mph winds without moving.

The Vertecology Hanging Garden can hang from any structure able to take its weight, including standard ceiling joists, concrete ceilings, pergolas, and with adapted mounts, walls and even trees, yielding 1.3 square feet per level of food-growing, air-cleansing and soil-building space per level (6.6 square feet for a standard 5-level).

 The Benefits

  • Perfect for herbs and small vegetables
  • Great indoors or outdoors
  • Hangs from any ceiling or patio
  • Made locally from reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood or eco substitutes
  • Can be made from a single 4 x 8 sheet of ply or eco substitute
  • Installable under 2 hours in most cases
  • Maximum resilience with minimal material; does not move in the wind
  • 1.3 square feet of grow area per level, 6.6 for a 5-level install

Structural Demonstrations

Dimensions & Specifications

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To Get Your Hanging Garden Now…

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Choose Number of Levels
5-Level $549.00 USD

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