Water Systems

Drylands rainwater harvesting is more than just capturing rainwater for use in a garden; it’s participating in a movement on a planet full of promise and beauty. Well-designed rainwater harvesting systems at home and community scales take pressure off aging water infrastructure, liberate local ecologies, unleash creative opportunities, empower us politically and economically and can be beautiful.

Some of the benefits offered by rainwater harvesting aren’t so obvious until you look a little closer at a good system and what it can do. Catching water for garden use is actually just the beginning, and even that is more than it seems to be at first glance. A well-functioning system:

  • Saves you money – less spent on water, less spent on garden supplies, less spent on food.
  • Can be an added source of nutrition for your garden.
  • Can be a gorgeous example of regenerative living.
  • Keeps local water local and cycling through your local watershed over and over.
  • Can save your home and your life in a disaster.
  • Can support plug-ins like aquaponic tanks, vertical trellising and swale systems.
  • Takes pressure off existing municipal water infrastructure.
  • Can act as thermal mass, reducing temperature fluctuations in the area.
  • Can give you more water than you might expect.
  • And can give you, your family and your community a lot of water and ecological knowledge and power.

Vertecology LLC can support your endeavor with rainwater harvesting design services, installation (willing to travel for projects >$5k), consultation and online how-to information.

If you’re interested in having a water system designed or built, or wish for some consulting on one you hope to create yourself, contact me at mark@vertcology.com

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